Transport Assistance

Transportation to enable participation in community, social, economic and daily life activities. Assistance with transport to/from doctor's appointment, physio / therapy session, school, gym, sports, visit to family or friends. escorted / unescorted shopping.

Out and about

Our carers provide transport assistance for travels to and from your activities that helps you achieve your daily goals. It could be as simple as shopping for your groceries or attending a social function.

Participating in sports, social and recreational activities are important and essential part of your well being. If you need help to get to and from one
place to another, our passionate savvy carers can help you with transportation.

They can either drive your vehicle or take you in theirs. Savvy carers can assist you with various transportation needs like:

  • Unescorted Shopping (come to you first to pick up your shopping list and money. Later return with your shopping items and provide you the tax invoices along with change)
  • Escorted shopping.
  • To and from doctor’s appointment and/or recreational activities like the parks, gyms or swimming and/or therapies.
  • Pick up and drop off to day surgeries or therapies and community events and meetings.
  • Attending educational/activity classes, going to movies, catching up with friends and community events.
  • Pick up take away from your favourite restaurants.
  • Pick up and drop off to work, school or an extra curricular activities.
  • All our savvy carers have valid Australian driver’s licence and comprehensive car insurance for your complete peace of mind.

    For NDIS participants, funding for assistance in daily living within core supports may fall in this category.